Carbon / Hydrogen / Nitrogen / Sulfur / Oxygen Analysis

Welcome to Exeter Analytical's corporate site. We are located in Massachusetts in the USA.

Exeter Analytical is dedicated to elemental analysis. The company was established in 1994 to serve the needs of laboratory analysts worldwide. We manufacture and market the CE440 CHN/O/S Elemental Analyzer with direct sales in the USA and Canada, offices in the United Kingdom serving the UK and Europe, and representation worldwide.

Our product offers a unique horizontal injection system allowing for the removal of combusted samples, thereby avoiding cross contamination of samples and carrier gas flow issues. We believe the system to be the most accurate and precise available on the market today, with the widest range of sample applications. This is precisely the reason why the CE440 is so widely regarded as the industry standard for CHN analysis.

Typical Applications

The CE440's wide linear range, combined static/dynamic combustion and unique horizontal furnace design allows for the analysis of the widest range of sample types - quickly, easily, and reliably.

Organics and Pharmaceuticals

We can analyze virtually any class of organics, including organometallics, heterocyclic nitrogen derivatives, steroids, polynuclear aromatics, and organophosphorous.


Analyze the effects of fuels, oils, and their by-products on the environment, study the composition of material retained by membranes used in oceanography, water filtration, and air monitoring, or the composition of waste materials.


Determine the elemental composition of polymers, copolymers, and blends. Even samples with high levels of halogens, like PVC or TeflonŽ, can be analyzed rapidly and accurately.


Nitrides, graphite fibres, and ceramics are easily analyzed - even carbides with melting points over 2000°C.

Volatile/Air Sensitive Samples

Volatile and air sensitive materials are easily analyzed using our capsule sealing device.

Other Application Areas: Plastics, petrochemicals, agriculture, food, and pyrotechnical compounds

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